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Dancers Thread / Re: peanut dances in the tavern 9-28-2022
« Last post by fiore~{GS} on Today at 10:08:50 pm »
fiore is sorry she was not feeling well last night to watch your dance. 

wraps her limbs around your center, squeezing tight.

you peanut are a beautiful writer.   an excellent dance.

fiore hopes to see more in the future.

squeezes tight.
Dancers Thread / peanut dances in the taern 9-28-2022
« Last post by rilee{GS~fg~t} on September 29, 2022, 09:21:26 pm »
Jarl GaigiN 20:54:00 pm CDT
Now peanut you are to dance. As you do you are to remember you are bound by MY WILL!

peanut[GN]-fg 20:55:57 pm CDT
shivers as the order was given, yes my Jarl...Your will and not my own

Rising, the girl peanut padding over the tavern stones bound in red silks. Dark, Tumbling waves of chocolate, spilling over her shoulders and falling down the arching curve of her spine, to settle along the top of a rounded bottom. Longing brown eyes looking over the tavern, searching, seeking, finding Him, her Jarl. Looking for the familiar blue pools , eyes that deep within the girl, knew would be watching, assessing, observing His property.

Jarl GaigiN 20:56:59 pm CDT
I stroke cashew’s hair as peanut prepares to dance.

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 20:58:39 pm CDT
My girl and I watch as the beauty starts her dance!

peanut[GN]-fg 20:58:49 pm CDT
Nodding to the musicians , starting as they always did at the dip of a girls chin. Heart pounding, trembling within the graceful slave. Pushing, driving until joy sprang upward and welled inside like a proverbial fountain. A deep and steady ache, warming within her belly as a war outside began to emerge. Needing, aching, girl wanted Him to see her as a worthy soul.

cashew{GN} 20:59:20 pm CDT
watching her sister as she moves to begin her dance and feeling the touch of her Jarl as He watches her sister too.

peanut[GN]-fg 21:01:09 pm CDT
A tiny ribbon a fear, unnoticeable in the bay gaze of the slave, as willowy arms lifted, wrists bound by a Masters will. Long tanned and toned legs moving as bare feet shifted in the sand. Curvy hips sway a mesmeric dance. Arms weaving an invitation to grip, to touch, to claim. Browns searched for blues. An earnest request written within. Lashes lowering, parting as the wet trace of tears were noted.

Jarl GaigiN 21:02:30 pm CDT
My eyes take her in …I see her body…

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 21:02:53 pm CDT
*slowly sips his ale and watches the girl in the sand dance bound by her Master's will*

peanut[GN]-fg 21:03:04 pm CDT
Delicate hands moving in tandum with bare feet, entertwined effortlessly through the air. urging Him to claim what was His. Each and every step pulling her hopelessly to Him. Like a larl to its kill, her hunger and helpless desire drawing her to Him, unable to resist as the longing bubbled inside.

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 21:03:38 pm CDT
My eyes widen as I watch peanut...

peanut[GN]-fg 21:04:07 pm CDT
Browns and blues locked , her graceful moves dipping and swirled, faster and faster, as the heat in her belly grew. Begging, Beseeching Him "please find me pleasing!" Bare feet moving thru the sand, twirling, feeling the heat growing in intensity, the churning fire edging her deeper and deeper into abandonment. Browns looked to Him, roamed over His flesh, admiring, shivering ,Remembering that first time. Lips parting as her tongue slipped out to moisten dry lips, a soft sheen of sweat kissing sun kissed skin.

rilee {GS}~fg~t 21:04:58 pm CDT
feeling those emotions of peanut...

Jarl GaigiN 21:05:03 pm CDT
And now her desire …

riel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 21:06:04 pm CDT
*smiles enjoying the dance so much*

peanut[GN]-fg 21:06:22 pm CDT
Slowly bound hands rose, sliding over her belly, and moved passed full ample breasts that rose and fell with labored breath. Fingers reached to trace the curves of the mobius twisted collar hand beaten around her neck, encased in pink and white pearls. Head moving, sweeping from side to side, swinging long tendrils of chocolate through the air effortless to whip against her slender body. Hands reaching to pull at the knot on her shoulder, silks falling in a graceful heap atop Tavern sands.

cashew{GN} 21:06:54 pm CDT
smiling as she watches her sister

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 21:07:09 pm CDT
taking a deep breath as I watch her silks hit the sand...

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 21:08:00 pm CDT
feeling My hand tighten in ari hair...

peanut[GN]-fg 21:08:10 pm CDT
Desire bursting into an all consuming inferno of need. Bare feet moved kissing the sand with every step. Spine arched, slender fingers moved over her body, Tracing heaving breasts that moved with her movements. Sliding down to circle her belly, to trace toned thighs before spiraling back once more. In her mind she begged for Him to take what was His!

peanut[GN]-fg 21:09:13 pm CDT
Lashes fluttered against wettened cheeks, lithe form folding down to knees buried in the sand. At His feet an overwhelming need, Elegant bound wrists rose as an offering. The dance of a begging heart, ended in complete and total surrender.

This was her place at His kajira

Jarl GaigiN 21:10:08 pm CDT
her dance, dancing moments of U/us.

rilee {GS}~fg~t 21:10:12 pm CDT
~Lifts that bum up and claps with all of her might... yaaaaaaaaaaaya peanut beautifully done...

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 21:10:51 pm CDT
*stands and pounds his fist to his Chest!*

Well done peanut!

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 21:11:07 pm CDT
*closes her eyes as His hand fists in her hair, she stills at His touch*

cashew{GN} 21:11:22 pm CDT
blows a kiss to her sister and claps as she finishes her dance.

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 21:11:50 pm CDT
Beautiful peanut..your Jarl is very well rewarded with you!

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 21:11:54 pm CDT
*claps, bounces slightly on her knees* so good peanut!

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 21:12:43 pm CDT
I want to thank GaigiN for allowing his girl to dance tonight

and thank you peanut for being a part of our festival
It is greatly appreciated

uchuk- - Owner of ariel 21:12:45 pm CDT
relaxing My hand in My girls hair..thinking We will make the Wagon rock this night...~g~

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 21:13:11 pm CDT
I agree DeSoto....

peanut[GN]-fg 21:13:20 pm CDT
hearing the claps of fellow sisters in bondage...girl pushed to stand...gathering the silks which were on loan...winks to her sis...and the chest slap by Master DeSoto...the girl pushed to stand before them...padding back to her Jarls feet where she slipped into His a deeply felt kiss

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 21:14:03 pm CDT
*crosses her wrists and puts them on His lap* ari is Yours Jarl. all the heat in this tavern.... *gives Him a begging glance*

Jarl GaigiN 21:14:29 pm CDT
I reach to the girl’s face, lift her chin……Well done My peanut! I kiss her lips …. Then lift her to My lap.

Dancers Thread / swtpea's dance 9-29-2022
« Last post by rilee{GS~fg~t} on September 29, 2022, 08:31:43 pm »
DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 19:58:24 pm CDT
let us begin!

who is first?

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:00:25 pm CDT
Very good Pea

pea 20:01:01 pm CDT
upon hearing the command to dance,
she rises from her kneel, golden tresses shimmering around her shoulders,
she gracefully walks to the sand pit, the candles dance about in the dim room, casting an almost eerie glow upon the walls, the wind hollows outside so loudly, it causes the girl to shiver, placing her dainty foot in the sand, dragging it back and forth, in a slow motion then coming to a stop.
standing straight her tresses bounce when she gives a soft nod to the musicians to play.

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:02:07 pm CDT
watches that beautiful slave move gracefully to the pit to dance...

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:03:42 pm CDT
*smiles as the girl and the musicians begin*

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:05:10 pm CDT
*turns her attention to pea, smiling*

pea 20:05:28 pm CDT
rolling her hips in small tight circles, the soft crimson silk bouncing with the slow movement of her hips, supple breasts strain against the silk and they bounce and jiggle with her slow steady movements, lifting her arms above her head she dances slowly her whole body in tune with the rhythm of the music and the song of love in her heart, looking into the crowd, rounded smile etched on plump pink lips, her movements becoming more frantic, as the heat rises in the girl

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:06:20 pm CDT
*sways slightly with the hypnotic movements of the girl in the sand*

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:07:00 pm CDT
softly groooowls in His ear as she watches the girls Hips roll...

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 20:10:33 pm CDT
Watching the girl as I make My way to My place!

peanut[GN]-fg 20:10:34 pm CDT
watching the girl dance...browns focused

Jab 20:11:39 pm CDT
Finds a seat to watch for a few

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:11:55 pm CDT
*rises and walks to her Jarl's place, kneeling quietly at His side*

pea 20:12:11 pm CDT
giving her golden mane a shake, letting it fall in waves down her spine,
a soft hum coming from her lips, blending in with the music filling the room, as she twists her hips in a tale as old as time, enabling her need to show, the patrons and slaves alike,
looking out into the crowd, her need shining in blue orbs,
undulating her hips in a sensual motion as she moves about the sand dancing around for all to catch a glimpse of the girl.

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:13:56 pm CDT
*watches the girl's need grow with each beat of the music*

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 20:14:55 pm CDT
stroking My girls hair as We watch the dance!

pea 20:16:32 pm CDT
frantically moving around the sand, holding onto her silks, letting them flow behind her, as the girl rapidly gyrates her hips, breast jiggle fast as her movements, the heat is palpable in the tavern, she is breathing hard with each thrust and roll of her hips, a soft whine leaves her lips barely audible , she looks off into space letting her need show for all to see, falling to her knees crawling foreword, her golden tresses frame her face, looking into the faces of all assembled, the heat rising in her body, moving up onto her knees her lithe body swaying

Jab 20:16:56 pm CDT
Watches the girl ,,,pea,,,intently

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:17:26 pm CDT
*sways with the beat, eyes sparkling enjoying the dance*

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:19:34 pm CDT
rilee watched the beauty from His lap... she wiggled a bit to the music as swtpea danced her heart out... a smile on a girls face...

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:20:40 pm CDT
*strokes rilee's hair as he watches the girl in the sand dance. A lump growing in his lap with each sway of the girls hips*

pea 20:21:04 pm CDT
shivers of need wrack her body, moving left and then right, tossing her long golden hair in her needful state, a soft cry, leaves her lips, falling onto her ass in the sand pit, the coarse grains biting into her warm flesh, closing her eyes, she can still feel the heart and eyes of the Free upon her, there's no hiding anything from anyone, with one last cry she surges forward, resting her head into the sand, arms raised above, whispering
la' kajira

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:22:20 pm CDT
*bounces on her knees and claps*

peanut[GN]-fg 20:22:25 pm CDT
blows a loud whistle...clapping her hands...way to go pea!!

Tuchuk- - Owner of ariel 20:22:36 pm CDT
whispers to ariel...pea is very good...

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:23:01 pm CDT
*sets rilee down and stands, pounding his fist to his chest*

Well done girl
That was wonderful

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:23:13 pm CDT
rilee moved up and down clapping her palms harder than ever together... the heat of the dance causing a girl to flush and wiggle a lil...

riel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:24:02 pm CDT
*beams and rubs her head against His arm* yes Jarl. she is.

may Yours greet?

pea 20:24:30 pm CDT
smiles rising to her feet, walks back to kneel in the slave furs
whispers a soft thank you

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:24:40 pm CDT
you may greet and speak freely rilee

Jab 20:25:15 pm CDT
That was a very sensual dance, pea,,,,,Good Job ,lilone,,


Dancers Thread / kia's slave dance
« Last post by rilee{GS~fg~t} on September 28, 2022, 09:36:03 pm »
Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:14:28 pm CDT
In fact…

~I twisted in my chair and found a long, coiled l chain. Turning back to my beast, I hooked a loose end to the ring on her collar~

You will dance and display that beauty for all to see.

~I rose from my chair and gave that leash a tug as I walked towards the sand pit.~

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:15:22 pm CDT
~sparkling eyes watching Master Kyoto and His kia...

fiore-{GS} 20:16:23 pm CDT
her eyes darted to Master Kyoto, watching Him hook a chain to kia's ring. smiles hearing kia will dance. watching her being led to the sand pit.

her gems light up in excitement.

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:16:51 pm CDT
kia listened as you twist in your chair.. seeing the chain she moaned as it is locked on to her collar.
a shiver of excitement and fear runs down her spine..
as you rise up from your chair she rises up also and glides behind you and to your left as she steps down the stairs and toward the sand pits...

ruby~{Randolph} 20:16:53 pm CDT
watching Master Kyoto ...tethering kia and leading her to the sandpit...inches forward for a better view

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:18:00 pm CDT
*settles back in his furs and watches the girl that is about to dance*

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:20:20 pm CDT
*wiggles around and prepares to watch beauty in motion*

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:20:49 pm CDT
~I led the slender beast right up to the pole in the center of the sand pit. I hooked the free end of the chain to the ring set in the pole and turned back to her. Once more I stroked her soft cheek and spoke softly to her~

Make me proud, mine

~I gave her a quick kiss before stepping out of the sands, staying nearby so I could enjoy her beauty~

fiore-{GS} 20:22:46 pm CDT
watching intensely as Master Kyoto, tethers kia to the slave pole..

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:23:31 pm CDT
feeling His hand attach the chain to the post.
looking up sparkling green eyes sees him smiling down at her slaven flesh..
He lightly touches her face with His hand...
listening to his words to her...
her heart quivers with need, as she feels His hand leave her face...
reaching up with soft slender fingers and touching her cheek...
the heat from His hand soon fades but that kiss lights a fire only he could put out in her.
She prepare to dance...

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:25:13 pm CDT
~Chuckling softly as I stood in the soft shadows, my arms crossing over my chest as I watched her gather herself~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:25:43 pm CDT
feeling the pull of the chain tethered to the post in the dancing pits..
another slave quickly places the red tiles out in a large square around her,
she withers against the cold steel..
her back arches toward Him as rounded full tits peak and bullets into tiny pebbles..
she looks to Him.. her hand teasing her bare flesh.
daintily she pulls her silky shoulders back as her fingers caress across her breasts,.
little finger nails rake across her rounded orbs, little peeks of perfection form..
holding an inlet of air for an ihn... then slowly letting it out ..

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:27:26 pm CDT
her fingers glide slowly down tracing along the V between her breasts...
to her hot rippling toned belly a spark is lit deep inside,
melting down to her knees the chain sliding between them...
the chain goes between the folds of her pink camel toe, that glisten with her dew..
kia's breath catches, the fires within ignite like a fire work..
withering upon the crimson tiles a whimpering gasp escaping her lips,.

fiore-{GS} 20:28:00 pm CDT
her eyes can't help but follow the girls hands as she starts to tease herself.
this girls own moans softly purrs outward.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:30:13 pm CDT
~One hand lifted to stroke the stubble upon my chin as eyes of dark fire follow her every erotic move~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:31:08 pm CDT
like the sleek she Larl she is she crawls toward him, hips splayed wide open..
her desires swirling in the air... the scent of a slave girl...
so alluring and strong as the chain stops her forward movements..
a strong whimper cries out her frustration eating at her soul..
she look to him, her arms longing to be touched so long she has been denied..
she swirl around holding the chain in between her treasures..
pulling it back and forth lightly teasing her slave lips..

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:33:14 pm CDT
~A soft chuckle passed my lips as you reached longingly towards me. I just shook my head and continued to watch her, denying her desire to touch and be touched~

fiore-{GS} 20:33:40 pm CDT
her heart bleeds for kia, watching her wanting needing that longing desire . and the chain holding her back.

ruby~{Randolph} 20:33:43 pm CDT
fans herself as the beauty kia... displays her feral needy passion

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:34:32 pm CDT
Squeals of pleasure.... erotic symmetry dances before you..
full breasts swelling and heaving with each breath.
living only for her Master viewing pleasure..
her fingers draw down down along her glistening thighs.. so hot and sultry..
then crawling upward, catching your eye as I give you a soft wink...
her hand slides up deep into her petals as kia begin to rub her hard pearl..
fires of pleasure erupting across her flesh like a wild fire sweeping across the prairie..
she swirls up and stands and tries to escape the feelings that have been buried deep inside her for so long..
only to be pulled back down to her knees by the chain..
reminding kia who and what she is. a slave girl here to please the Free and her Master..

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:34:33 pm CDT
*watched the lovely girl as she well displayed her need for her Master*

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:36:26 pm CDT
nods at a girls dance... perfection in every move she has made

fiore-{GS} 20:36:54 pm CDT
her own fire in her belly, rumbling... watching the girl. in a desparate state of arousal.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:38:30 pm CDT
~I couldn’t help but feel an echoing desire growing as I watched her tease herself while she writhed in the sands~

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:38:35 pm CDT
*feels a spark of need watching the girl and shifts slightly, looking for some relief*

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:39:32 pm CDT
she look up at you with wanting eyes..
her passion written all over her face.,.. ivory breasts peaks up with desire..
her alluring hour glass curves illuminates her tight belly,.
inviting his hand for a caress..
slender fingers trailing down her honey toned thighs to the floor,
her fingers pressing into the tiles..
her back arches like a little giani...
lifting her succulent hips up, the lines of her firm toned thighs showing the strength of her passion..
pumping them up and down a view of her treasured rose bud appear before you almost calling your name..
her heart shaped head tips back,
molten lava locks slides across her shoulders cascading like a waterfall to puddle upon the tiles..

fiore-{GS} 20:42:20 pm CDT
places her fingers in front of her eyes. peaking through the lines at the wanton beauty who is begging her Owner in a teasing manner.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:42:25 pm CDT
~Like a waterfall of fire, her hair draws my eyes as it cascades down her back. There was such eroticism in her every move, I couldn’t decide where to focus~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:42:48 pm CDT
she look over her shoulder at her Owner..
her body trembling with desire as she sink to the floor,
kia's left leg outstretched, toes delicately pointed,
her right foot dragging softly along the line of her left calve..
her foot comes to rest in front of my knee, exposing her glistening heat,
her right hand draws slowly from her knee and up along her thigh..
her eyes pleading for his touch as her tongue gently teases across her pearly teeth seductively..

ruby~{Randolph} 20:43:40 pm CDT
seeing the prideful lust in Master Kyoto's His kia, pleads for her lust to be sated

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:45:02 pm CDT
~I took a half step towards her and then caught myself, wishing to see her dance play out~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:45:39 pm CDT
her hand glides from her chiseled honey toned thigh,... across her needy smooth belly..
lifting her breast softly, she tuck her heart shaped face down, ..
her soft pink tongue curls out to flick it across the tip of her nipple.
shots of lightning fly through her body, as fires thunder across her petite frame..
she squirms wildly on her back pleading ..
her need for His touch evident in her eyes,.
her breast drops down and lands upon her chest with a slight bounce,
as she plead for just one touch...

fiore-{GS} 20:46:29 pm CDT
her eyes dart to Master Kyoto. watching Master inch forward but stops. wondering if Master will sate His needs in His slave. then canting her head watching kia. display every sexual aspect enticing Her Owner.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:48:32 pm CDT
~I held my ground, but the need to touch and tease the girl grew steadily with every passing ihn~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:49:02 pm CDT
she look to him, her heart skipping a beat..
as she sees his arms open she crawl forward..
reaching out, her hands wildly paw at the red tiles as she tries to reach her Master..
spinning around the chain it drawing through her treasures again , as she leans forward..
her hands reaches out wild with need..
he is just out of reach... her cry's of frustration ring in the air of the tavern...

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, master of kia & suri 20:51:27 pm CDT
~I was enjoying the sight of her in such desperate need. My fingers intentionally held just out of reach of her own~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 20:53:02 pm CDT
like a butterfly's wings in flight..
her honey toned thighs part wide open..
dewy petals shimmers as her thighs glisten with a slaves sweet nectar..
a waterfall of crimson locks cascades down her back ..
to rest upon her creamy rounded ass cheeks..
her collar swirls around her slender neck,
it twinkles in the lamp light..
sooty long lashes frame transfixing emerald orbs..
they roll down in total submission to him ...
the one she serves..
her slender arms pull around then comes to rest palms upward on honey toned glistening thighs..
a voice like a meadow lark softly trills...
take kia as you wish she is yours...
La Kajira

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:54:10 pm CDT
the fg softly licks her lush lips... then claps uncontrollably...

fiore-{GS} 20:55:00 pm CDT
claps her hands loud, as the beautiful slave. begs her Owner to take her

whistles whhhooott whooooo. beautiful dance kia.

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:55:01 pm CDT
*stands and claps his fist to his chest loudly*

Well done girl!
you are a credit to your Master
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Euro - 25th of Se`Kara Festival Agenda
« Last post by Brandt on September 27, 2022, 12:18:54 pm »
reads Sophie's response, chuckles

i didn't need to fall from the oars either to get clean. but, heh. there i went. SPLASH.
next year, i'll have practised.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Agenda for the 25th US Se’Kara Festival 2022
« Last post by ruby~{Randolph} on September 26, 2022, 08:15:13 pm »

ruby has amended the Festival schedule
due to the absence of any Free - on September 26th - dancing was canceled

peanut and sweetpea will dance on Thurs September 29th

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Euro - 25th of Se`Kara Festival Agenda
« Last post by ruby~{Randolph} on September 24, 2022, 04:17:14 pm »
~permission to edit by Jarl Randolph~

Friday - September 30th - (Tavern)
peanut{GaigiN} - need dance

meat toss - led by Jarl Randolph
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Agenda for the 25th US Se’Kara Festival 2022
« Last post by ruby~{Randolph} on September 23, 2022, 10:29:43 pm »
~per the command of Master Sandman~

USA Se'Kara Festival - amendments

Archery on Saturday Sept 24th --- (Training Yard) will be cancelled


Thursday Sept 29th  - Tavern
•   slave Dances - adds .....peanut{GaigiN} - need dance

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Euro - 25th of Se`Kara Festival Agenda
« Last post by ruby~{Randolph} on September 19, 2022, 05:58:52 pm »
~consent granted to bump by Master Sandman ~

Gorean Shores - Euro - 25th of Se`Kara Festival - (September 22nd-October 1st)

"I wondered how many men would claim to have fought on the twenty-fifth of Se'Kara, abroad on Thassa. I smiled. This day would doubtless be made holiday in Port Kar. And those who had fought here would be, in years to come, as comrades and brothers."

Raiders of Gor     Book 6     Pages 280

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Agenda for the 25th US Se’Kara Festival 2022
« Last post by ruby~{Randolph} on September 19, 2022, 05:55:21 pm »
~consent granted to bump by Master Sandman~

Gorean Shores - 25th of Se`Kara Festival - (September 22nd-October 1st)

"Later a great sea battle took place. This battle is recalled, and celebrated, each Twenty-Fifth of Se'Kara."
Quarry of Gor     Book 35     Page 135
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