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Author Topic: swtpea and rilee dance the pole 11-1-2022  (Read 38 times)


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swtpea and rilee dance the pole 11-1-2022
« on: November 01, 2022, 08:53:42 pm »
swtpe and rilee dance the pole together…

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:29:00 pm CDT
looking to rilee and pea

I require a dance sweet girl's

show everyone why Gorean Shores is known to have the best dancing slaves

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:29:37 pm CDT
~looks at her chain swetpea... ~winking~

pea{GS} 20:31:12 pm CDT
smiles at mistress
grabbing her hand and walking to the sand

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:31:50 pm CDT
hearing His command, rising from her knees, rilee held swtpeas hand and headed fro the sand...

pea{GS} 20:32:57 pm CDT
Walking into the sand, smile painted on her ruby lips. Her golden locks bounce with her movements. Reaching the pole reaching out her right hand to grasp it. Nodding to the musicians to play. Folding herself close to the pole her silken thighs touch the hard wood. Breathing in deeply she lets her self-become one with the music. Whirling herself out away from the pole her breast dancing beneath her silks. She drags her left foot across the sand as she slides back against the pole. Wrapping her arms about it arching her back as she bends backwards, her silks giving glimpse of her flushed slave flesh. Hugging the pole as she arches and hugs the pole moving to the left and right her twin moos playing peek a boo with her movements. Moving off to the side of the sand, her body sways with the beats of the drums. Watching her chains movements.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:34:03 pm CDT
watching pea and rilee such sexy girls....a pleasure for the eyes

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:34:38 pm CDT
rilee followed her chain to the sand… her toes dipping into the sand and curling as small beads fill the gaps between a girl’s toes… her long chocolate curls swishing along with the movement of her firm ass… the fg watched her sister pull the pole between her thighs then pushing away… she felt the musicians music consumer her body… the curve of a girls hips swaying back and forth with the beat of the drum… as she stood watching the beauty move, her lips parted slightly, then her tongue slipped out to moisten, rilee stepped forward to the pole. She nodded to her chain then as the sound of the kaska begins to pound demanding a beat blocking out all other sounds… standing with her back against, a sluts body began moving down the pole and back up again… she felt the roughness of the pole against her supple flesh… she softly cooos at the feel… she leaned in, her lips smoothly pressing to the pole she kisses gently… so warm and rough yet inviting and harsh… suddenly a flute brings its song into the mix the drums soft she spirals down the pole, thighs spreading very wide as she bent down at the hips… her nether lips parting showing off her light pink jewel… the warmth of the fire caresses over sultry body, rising slowly again before the pole, thighs kissing… her fingers leave the pole and slowly tantalize over nude curves… nails lightly trailing over aching tit flesh wanting to tempt Them… rilee’s heart beating faster as she hears the song of the double flutes only her heart can hear… lifting higher fingers continue to tease as she sways sinfully before the pole… a girl slowly pivots around… hazel eyes feasting upon the wood as moans of pure lust escape from deep within her being… warm tongue darting out runs slowly across succulent light pink lips… she then stepped away from the pole, her fingers moving across the shoulder flesh of her chain, letting her know… rilee then slowly moved away from the pole and dipped her fingers in the soft warm sand…. As she slipped to a kneel the sand making a small *puff* around her frame… those piercing hazel eyes watching the sexy chain of hers….

Tyr-warrior 20:35:17 pm CDT
Watching the sexy slaves

pea{GS} 20:36:24 pm CDT
Shuffling her feet in the sand she walks slowly back to the pole, feeling the grains scrape across her feet. She passes her chain giving her a soft shoulder bump as she once more reaches the pole. Hiking her leg up wrapping her delicate leg around the pole. Holding the pole with her leg, hands bracing the pole as she wiggles her ass beneath her silks they caress her body. Letting out a soft breath of air with a soft plea. Her golden locks covering her back moving softly with her movements. The girl arches back her breasts peeking from beneath the silk. Her sways moving slowly then faster and faster as she becomes one with the drums. Dropping her leg she places her back at the hard pole, swirling to the right then the left her flesh moves quickly giving all a few of her hot flushed slave flesh. Falling to her knees she crawls to the edge of the sands tucking ass to heel thighs parted spine arrow straight as she watches her chains movements.

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:37:42 pm CDT
*happily watches the girls dance*

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:37:45 pm CDT
licking my lips,, such hot girls

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:37:56 pm CDT
the beastly slave flesh alive in tingles of heated need, she moved towards the pole again with arms reaching forward embrace the pole enticingly, all inhibitions gone… sultry orbs closing behind cobalt lashes, allowing the sensations to take her away... rilee’s head falling back, with ringlets of dark coffee colored curls fall from their confines… her tongue slowly stroking over fuckable lips as her right foot moving away from the pole, as left hand holds on… she moves around the pole, left foot out, then she turned and her left foot out with right hand holding for balance… she faces the pole and moves in close… thighs spread wide and she bends backwards.. her soft shaven mound almost pressed against the pole as her legs raise and lower, a girl seemingly humping the pole gently… her hips moving urgently… her need heightening… moving back to a stand, rilee’s hot body crushed against the pole… beads of sweat falling between a girls bare ass cheeks and tit flesh… her hand caresses over the pole, stroking its rough wood looking over at Him.. her Owner… as elongated fingers wrap around the pole and move up and down… rilee turns her ass to face the pole, she bends at the waist and her ass undulates against the pole… up… down… side.. to side… her back moved up to lean against the pole… thighs separate as she bends knees… her back holding the pole up as her thighs fall apart… sequin of sparkles shown on a girls woman’s lips… so hot and needy for Him…

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:38:50 pm CDT
*fears he may get whiplash, looking from one girl to the next not wanting to miss a single movement*

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:38:56 pm CDT
blowing a kiss to pea,, then blowing a kiss to rilee

pea{GS} 20:39:39 pm CDT
crawling across the sand her ass on display for all to see. She crawls up the pole, so close she feels the hardness touch all of her. Gyrating her hips against the pole looking over her shoulder giving a sultry look to Him. Turning back to the pole arching her back again letting her breasts fall from her silks, a soft moan leaves her lips as she moves against the pole. Swinging around her back to the pole resting a delicate foot on the pole as the other slips in the sand placing herself on display. Swinging her hips once more in a hurried frenzied of need and need to please. Swinging off the pole in a slow pace she moves to the edge of the sands falling on her knees she watches once again.

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:42:29 pm CDT
a girls face full of wanton lust as she seeks Him out again… soft growls emerging from deep within her… a slut of the tavern to be taken, used, and made be Owned, to command… she falls to the sand… ringlets falling downward as hungered breasts dangle… hands digging in as she crawls… her ass cheeks flared showing off her tight little pucker… around the pole, she rises to her knees… deep set orbs hungry for One, for that touch… any touch... the girl yearning with need… she shudders, rising to balled foot… her back against the pole again… splayed fingers slowly inching their way up the pole… she arches, one hand falling down to ample tit flesh, plucking her nipple and watching it harden, then moving along down her torso to her fevered shaved mound, her fingers covering, pressing, flicking as she drips with lust… whimpering as she moves her hand back down, up… to her side…. She sinks back to her knees… a girls hazel green eyes looking for One…. There in the distance, He was the one, her Owner… with her wide eyes never leaving His… she moves on her knees, one after the other… rested hands palms up on thighs as she slips from the pit to His booted foot… wonton thighs splitting wide… a girl bends forth, her cheek pressed to His boot… ass pushed into the air as hands holding the back of His boot… turning her head, her lips kissing His boot showing her devotion to Him… with-in her labored breathing she whispered for all to hear…

La Kijara

pea{GS} 20:43:57 pm CDT
falling to her knees bending forwar arms about her head the sand digging into her skin in a sift whisper
La Kijara

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:43:58 pm CDT
thumping my shoulder

well done

Tyr-warrior 20:44:09 pm CDT
Growls as i watch the beauties

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:44:39 pm CDT
*smiles and claps*

Tyr-warrior 20:44:43 pm CDT
Pounds my chest

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:44:44 pm CDT
leaning down I rape rilee's lips with mine savor the taste of lusty slave

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:44:50 pm CDT
so good to see a tandem dance!

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:45:57 pm CDT
*Stands and pounds his fist top his chest*

girls that was absolutely beautiful

Tyr-warrior 20:46:53 pm CDT
Well done slaves

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:47:06 pm CDT
grooooowls into His kiss

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:48:12 pm CDT
leans down and pats rilee's ass,, then offers her hard candies,, share with your sister's for you and they have been pleasing

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:48:18 pm CDT
giving her chain a tight hug.. well done little one ~winks to her~

pea{GS} 20:48:46 pm CDT
smiles and hugs her back

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:49:14 pm CDT
m thank You Master...the rump smack felt to her core... she slipped a piece in ariel and swtpeas hand.... looking at ariel only if Your Jarl says its ok...

pea{GS} 20:50:18 pm CDT
smiles thank you Master Sandman and mistress

DeSoto ~Advisor of GS~ 20:50:23 pm CDT
that was very well done girls
I cant remember the last time I have seen a double dance

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:51:02 pm CDT
*smiles and accepts the candy* He doesn't care what ariel eats. well... He prefers that i not lick rocks looking for oysters.

ariel ~ {Jon} i am because You are 20:51:23 pm CDT
thank You Master. *pops the candy in her mouth and sucks*

rilee {GS}~fg~t 20:51:46 pm CDT
thank You Master Sandman for the candies ~smiles~

thank You Master DeSoto it was fun and will most likely happen again...

The strangest of chains, it is said, is the slave girls love for her Master.

~slave girls of Gore~

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Re: swtpea and rilee dance the pole 11-1-2022
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2022, 04:26:24 pm »
Well done girls
This was a beautiful dance and you both did an awesome job
I was glad I got to see it
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Re: swtpea and rilee dance the pole 11-1-2022
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2022, 04:27:38 pm »
well done, both of you

i always miss good stuff, while snoring loudly into lila's ear.
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