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Author Topic: suriís chain dance  (Read 123 times)


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suriís chain dance
« on: August 08, 2022, 09:56:21 am »
  Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 16:51:02 pm CDT
I watched you very carefully as you linked me to that chain and groaned. Dance? You were mad, yes?

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 16:53:22 pm CDT
~I saw that look and reached out to close my hand about the chain just at her collar. I gave her a shake before dropping that hold~

Did you not understand the command?

ruby~{Randolph} 16:53:53 pm CDT
dark eyes full of sin...gaze to the beauty suri...without thought her rump wiggles over crossed heels

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 16:54:50 pm CDT
I coughed and stumbled to my knees at your feet, shaking my head in a sudden terror. The truth was, I was afraid of you although I tended to act like I could rule the world. The truth was....

I understand Master

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 16:56:20 pm CDT
Now ruby, fetch me an ale so I can drink while feasting my eyes on suri.

~I took my seat and laid the hand holding the chain upon my thigh, my eyes fixated upon the Karian beauty with the thiefís brand upon her cheek who was tethered to the other end~

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:00:10 pm CDT
The summoning had come in the form of that long thin chain of his, that had linked me to him. The sharp tug from the hand that held it, brought me straight to my knees. Your hand. Your will. Tethered as I was to the control of your hand, which maintained a governing grip. Despite the chain that was held taut, I lifted the sleek line of a feminine jaw. That tell-tale conviction embedded in the that held regal features. The flare of molten coal orbs that were lined with the intriguing smear of amber. The aquiline perfection of her nose. The begging softness of full lips. The high cliffs of sharp cheekbones. A beauty as cold as the depths of Thassa that I had been born to. I remained motionless as I peered around, appearing unconcerned with the tether that was suspended from the adorned collar that encircled the slender column of my neck. I was a dark haired slave, possessed and owned by a Pirate, and I remained a statue of flawless pale flesh, except for the soft flutter of lustrous stygian locks across the naked span of enticing curves.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:03:17 pm CDT
~I smiled as she once more affected that cold grace of hers. She thought I wished to break her, to tame her spirit. But I didnít, I was entranced by her fire, her larlesque grace and that coolness. I knew that exterior hid a smoldering fire. I wanted that fire, I wanted her everything to surrender to me without losing the essence of who she was.~

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:04:23 pm CDT
I lingered near the edge of you, the coil of chain fixed in your hand maintained its grip, and you sitting some distance away. In homage to my Karian roots, the will of your need, wore nothing. Exposing the canvas of pale, unmarred flesh and the ample curves that men craved. The generous swells of full breasts lifted and fell with the steady surge of my breathing. Firelight glinting off the polished collar. With a sharp tug of the tether, I was reminded why I was here. To dance. It commenced with the poised but elegant snap of her steps, spurred by the fluid roll of flared hips. A wide arch created as she stalked around the exterior of the space. Proud and utterly unconcerned with the tether that she was bound by. Slender hands struggled to begin their worship, fluttering helplessly in the bounds of the cuffs as she moved with extended steps

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:09:03 pm CDT
~Like many men, I enjoyed displaying my slave in bonds. Eyes studiously followed her as she seemingly ignored those very binds that tied her to me, both physically and emotionally. But,, this was supposed to be about her exploring that bond so as she pranced at the end of the length of chain, I gave it a hard pull, jerking her back towards me~

  Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:10:11 pm CDT
A deep breath was stolen, fueling caged lungs, in preparation. My movements took on a more suggestive rhythm as I came to stand in one spot. Wanton hips careening from side to side in an alluring cadence. Me, remaining indifferent of the chain that hovered over ample breasts as toned arms remain captured behind my back. Those slender hands never still however, a constant battle of contained motion. My back took that artful arch but found it halted by the tension of the tether. Annoyance flared across my stoic features at the restriction and so I took a sinuous step to the side, seeking further freedom of movement. When the chain did not snap back to restrain me, I took another agile step. It was with that poised step Ifelt the sudden tug at my collar, stopping me. The swollen tiers of her plush lips snarled back then, my teeth bared in an obvious display of dislike for the restrictions placed upon my movements

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:17:40 pm CDT
~I didnít look to ruby for a moment as I was entranced by suriís reaction to the chain being pulled. My eyes locked on that insolent stare for a long moment before I looked to ruby~

Thank you, slut of my brother.

~I took the tankard from her and nodded to Kane~

See if Kane needs anything, itís on me.

~I returned my attention to suri, quietly coiling the chain about my hand, shortening the length she had between us~

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:24:44 pm CDT
The anger bloomed in me then. A heated animal that slithered through my veins. A surging frustration that surged through sleek muscles. How was I to be beautiful when so constricted? Even as I stood still, the flare of womanly hips rocked back and forth, an endless lilt of suggestive movement. A slender hand tried to lift then, those willowy fingers curling around the sleekness of the chain, taking a firm grip. She tugged, sharply, a vicious attempt to gain back her freedom of movement. But your hand holding the chain remained undeterred, strength embedded in your grip. I heard mocking laughter, echoing around me in that fruitless attempt. The low strum of a growl seeped from my collared throat, accompanied with a sudden toss of my head. The movement sent the mass of inked locks to lash across pale flesh, the snap of their silken ends a reflection of the very same ire that flared inside me. I sought distance once more, naked feet whispering across the dias. Seeking space. Seeking independence from the tether.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:23:19 pm CDT
~Indeed I did laugh as you sought to find freedom from the subjugation of the chain. I knew, you knew, that the steel was obdurate, that you would never escape the confines of its embrace unless I deemed it so~

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:30:49 pm CDT
The chain snapped sharply, the sound reverberating through the air in sharp waves. The lithe muscles of willowy thighs strained as I tugged, feeling the pressure at my throat. A sense of helplessness consumed me and in my desperation, I flung that smoldering dark gaze to you. The hand that gripped the opposing end of the chain. The man who had laid claim to me. The man who I had begun to breathe for. It dawned upon me then..... The sudden realization that this bit of restriction was a physical representation of his will. And his will was something I had fought. I had begun to thrive in it. And so I flung my heart open to the chain's guiding presence. When tapered fingers coiled smoothly around the chain behind my back, this time it was not with anger, but with softness. With respect. With adoration. The small of my back sloped gracefully and sculptured shoulders pressed down to the ground. The generous swells of my breasts jutted towards the sky, nipples pebbled to hardness and the silken mass of jet-black locks danced across the dias beneath me. In that moment, I relied on the strength of that chain to ensure I remained upright. Just as I relied on the strength and purpose you provided her with every day

ruby~{Randolph} 17:34:03 pm CDT
thank You, Master Kane...turns to watch suri

she's a true beauty, is she not?

 ~Kane~{mirren} 17:34:55 pm CDT
nods softly in response to ruby. that she is

   Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:35:30 pm CDT
~Maintaining that hold that kept her from falling, I began to slowly draw it tighter and tighter, decreasing that gap that separated us. I licked my lips hungrily ~

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 17:41:17 pm CDT
Has joined the room

ruby~{Randolph} 17:41:34 pm CDT
whispers, for only Master Kane to hear

it's a delicious sight to see a girl bend to the Will of her it not?

swoons as she watches the chain get shorter and shorter...seeing the savage look of hunger in Master Kyoto's discerning dark stare

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:42:09 pm CDT
The movements of those enticing curves were no longer sharp with restriction. Now my movement flowed, fueled by the acceptance and welcoming of the chain. Slender digits had released their hold and I eased forward, feeling its revered kiss between the deep valley of my bosom. The chain grew slack, draped to the ground, but not for long. A single leg, coltish and lithe, lifted. That very same limb began to circle, the length of the chain slowly coiling around the sleek contours of my leg. First the naked turn of myankle and the feminine curve of my calf. Cresting my knee and snaking around the poise of an agile thigh. My gaze lifted to you then, heated and shadowed and dark with need for you. That telling story woven into the darkness of my eyes. A story written by and for you. I began to turn then, the chain slithering around the wanton flare of those captivating hips.

Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 17:44:54 pm CDT
entering into the tavern through the green door.
seeing Master and suri dancing kia's eyes brighten and she smiles as she melts down to her knees.
thighs parting like the wings of a dove then head lowering to the floor nipples hard as the graze the tile floor.. hands extending above her head as curls of copper fall over her shoulders.. her fingers splayed wide as she softly calls out not to disturbed the dance

may kia enter?

 ~Kane~{mirren} 17:46:00 pm CDT
certainly an amazing gift ruby.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:46:48 pm CDT
~I cursed softly under my breath at the seductive way the girl now moved. Instantly I felt my own lust enflame me. I gave her just enough slack to allow her to continue coiling it about herself. But I still drew that chain tighter, bringing her closer and closer~

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:48:04 pm CDT
~And then I saw my fiery haired slut and turned that lascivious grin towards her~

Enter kia and come to me

ruby~{Randolph} 17:49:21 pm CDT
licks a glossy sheen across painted lips

dark gold eyes flash to kia...smiling

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:51:13 pm CDT
Those alluring curves continued to spin. Graceful and yet infused with purpose. The cold wrapped around me sheathing naked flesh. A dark stain of steel against porcelain flesh that encased that slender torso and then the bountiful swells of my breasts. The tether was manipulated as it reached my shoulder, directing it to corkscrew around my upper right arm. The distance to you swallowed under the coiling of the leash. I descended to my knees, poised directly before you. Bound in the strap. Bound in your will, your dominion, your control. The plea evident in the gestures of the dance and the begging in the draped across my regal features. To forever be yours. To forever be bound by you as the chain now bound me. That prayer flourished in stretch of my tapered fingers, now encircled by the chain behind my back. Fingers that tried reached for yours, suspended a short distance above mine, gripping the leash. It was then my head bowed, the crown of stygian locks spilling across my features, dowsed in emotion, as the dance came to a close in my supplication before you.

 Kyoto's {kia} chain to suri 17:55:10 pm CDT
eyes sparkling as she hears Master and quickly and elegantly rise to her feet.
making sure to not get into view of beautiful suri as she dances kia glide seductively over to Master and when with in range melts down to her knees.
back arching making nipples harden on her tight 34 inch c cup breasts.
belly rippling with a hunger only he could sate as her hands slide up on honey toned thighs.
head raised up to display his collar upon her slender neck.
as eyes of jade green lower in submission.
she softly whispers to him Greetings Master if kia.

may kia greet or be of service as she watches suri with fascination.

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:55:48 pm CDT
~I let out a soft, unbidden growl as I reached out and grasped the collar of the now bound girl who knelt before me. Spreading my thighs, I dragged her to me and lifted her enough to bring her lips to mine. The kiss I gave her was slow at first before I let the desire within reflect in that melding of our lips, my tongue parting her lips, pressing within her delicate mouth~

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:57:11 pm CDT
~I broke that kiss long enough to give permission to kia ~

Greet, girl

ruby~{Randolph} 17:57:33 pm CDT
a tear trickles down the delicate curve of her emotionally charged....knowing the dance between Master and slave never ends

claps softly....bravo hravo, suri...absolutely stunning

seeing the pride etched on Masters Kyoto's face

Kyoto's [ s u r i ] - Chain to kia - 17:57:58 pm CDT
That fire would not so easily be doused, but I revelled deeply in that display of control when you dragged me forth and kissed me. I mewled softly in your embrace and wrapped my arms around you

Kyoto-Pirate, Emeritus, owner of kia & suri 17:59:45 pm CDT
~I kissed the soft fall of ebony as she wrapped her arms about me~

You are truly a beauty, suri. Youíve made me proud this evening

When Goreans get the idea that honour is involved, they suddenly become quite difficult to deal with. ~ Magicians, pg. 400

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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2022, 04:30:31 pm »
What a wonderful display of simply raw emotion.  fiore felt every bit of that chain dance within her heart and soul.

Clapping her hands as loud as she can...

A true inspiration to both Master and suri. 

Thank You Master and suri so much for sharing.
"It is expected, at least by some Masters, that the slave is to be grateful for her beatings.  she has, after all, received the Master's attention.  Similarly, she should rejoice that she has been improved."~Prize of Gor, p 245~


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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2022, 05:23:20 pm »
  that   was   stunning  suri.. shy  smile  and   shy  hug..a clap of  small hands

 my  Master precious {ms rose} WL

ariel she-urt

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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2022, 05:54:14 am »
really good.  wish i had been there to see it.
ariel ~ {Jon}

The dancing girls of Port Kar are said to be the best of all Gor.  .... slave to the core, vicious, treacherous, cunning, sensuous, dangerous, desirable, excruciatingly desirable.  Raiders of Gor

suri (Kyoto)

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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2022, 10:20:41 am »
Blushes brightly

Thank you all

..above all be the heroine in your life, not the victim...


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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2022, 01:32:36 pm »
beautiful dance suri


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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2022, 05:29:47 pm »
oh suri - your dance is beautify performed....  never doubt your talent ~


The strangest of chains, it is said, is the slave girls love for her Master.

~slave girls of Gore~


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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2022, 02:55:43 am »
~I gaze upon the recording of the dance~. Beautifully done, suri


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Re: suriís chain dance
« Reply #8 on: August 26, 2022, 10:24:38 pm »
Welcome home Master Thadron.   glad to see the Thassa did not swallow Master whole.

that gives us a reason to celebrate. 

love to have reasons for celebrations.
"It is expected, at least by some Masters, that the slave is to be grateful for her beatings.  she has, after all, received the Master's attention.  Similarly, she should rejoice that she has been improved."~Prize of Gor, p 245~