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Title: Se 'Kara Festival - 2018
Post by: ruby~{Randolph}GSfg on September 15, 2018, 10:50:02 am
"The dancing girls of Port Kar are said to be the best of all Gor. They are sought eagerly in the many cities of the planet. They are slave to the core, viscous, treacherous, cunning, seductive, sensuous, dangerous, desirable, excruciatingly desirable."

Raiders of Gor, Pg. 100

Se 'Kara Festival 2018
7:30pm - GS time

Sept 22 - Procession to the Sea - Leader Master Sandman
Sept 23 - Dance Night - (dancers: ayli and mirren) - Leader Master Thadron
Sept 24 - Archery - Long Bow
Sept 25 - Oar dance - Leader Master of one
Sept 26 - Bath Night (synchronized swim) - (Master Thadron/swtpea)
Sept 27 - Game Night - (In the Inn: stones)
A guessing game in which one must guess how many "stones" the other holds in his hand. This game often goes beyond the simple game, but has been known to play a role in business transactions.

"Stones! Guess stones!" called a fellow. "Who will play stones?"
This is a guessing game, in which a certain number of a given number of "stones," usually from two to five, is held in the hand and the opponent is to guess the number. There are many variations of "Stones," but usually one receives one point for a correct guess. If one guesses successfully, one may guess again. If one does not guess successfully, one holds the "stones" and the opponent takes his turn. The game is usually set at a given number of points, usually fifty. Whereas the "stones" are often tiny pebbles, they may be any small object. Sometime beads are used, sometimes even gems. Intricately carved and painted game boxes carefully wrought "stones" are available for the affluent enthusiast. The game, as it is played on Gor, is not an idle pastime. Psychological subtleties, and strategies, are involved. Estates have sometimes changed hands as a result of "stones." Similarly, certain individuals are recognized as champions of the game. In certain cities, tournaments are held. Magicians of Gor, page 35.

Sept 28 - Dance Night - (dancers karinda and sweet pea)
Sept 29 - Gorean Trivia - (ruby)
Sept 30 - whip knife throw
Oct 1st  - game night - (meat catch)
Meat Catch
In this game, slave girls are knelt on the ground, hands tied behind their backs. Then, bits of meat are tossed to them, the girls must then catch the meat i their mouths. Again this is a contest in which their Masters, of course, earn the points, and much betting is made on the outcome.

"I saw a line of five slave girls, kneeling, abreast, their hands tied behind their backs. Bits of meat were thrown to them, one after the other, A catch scored two points for the master. A missed piece might be sought by any of the girls, scrambling about, on their bellies. She who managed to obtain it received one point for her master. The girls were encouraged from the sidelines, not only by their masters but by the crowd as well, some of whom placed bets on the outcome." Magicians of Gor, page 37.

* per Master Thadron
free necks and guests will be safe from capture: in the Tavern, Training Yard, and the Bath House during Festival

* personally owned kajirae; must have consent from their Owners to participate

* swtpea has offered to scribe both Festivals 
Title: Re: Se 'Kara Festival - 2018
Post by: Master of one on September 23, 2018, 06:16:42 pm
Tal Free,
maddie has permission to participate in any Se `Kara events she is able to attend if I am not present...this includes Euro events as well